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The Kids Are Alright

Last weekend, I hosted a graduation beach party for my son and his friends who just wrapped up their high school years. My head was flooded with so many emotions ranging from remembrances from those long ago days of innocence, to the amazing and yet troubled world into which they are headed.

I was so proud of both the graduates and the success of the public school system (not to mention the parents) here in Long Beach, CA. Here is a graduating class of some 700 plus students and close to 10% graduated with honors. Of these, they garnered over $6 million in grants, scholarship and other aid. This is over twice what the class of 2008 had accomplished. And while doing this, they as a group had a combined 12,000 hours of community service in their 4 years.

Many are headed to 4 year universities, while others will attend local community colleges, but one thing about this class of “over-achievers”, was that they were not a bunch of bookworms. They had full, well-rounded lives throughout their high school years. They were artists and musicians. They were poets and photographers. I have heard so often that our kids are being raised in a super competitive environment with too much pressure to achieve. Yes, the pressure is there, as it should be. Life is full of challenges and teaching children to focus on task is essential. But I reject the fact that all this pressure is turning kids into one-dimensional beings.

They play video games, they Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and YouTube. But they also create and learn about the world around them. They are curious. They are anxious about the unknown. But they cannot wait to take the next steps that will lead them to the lives that lie ahead. It is an unnerving time to be an adult in this world, but the kids, they’ll be okay.


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