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The Death of A Salesman

“Been so busy working, I have had no time to prospect new clients”.

As someone who spent over 10 years earlier in my career as a salesman, I know that these words promise a slow, but sure death of a successful salesman or business. I no longer am in the sales field, nor do I list my occupation as sales, but to be honest isn’t sales what we do every day? All of us?

What brought me to this post was a Facebook post by an exciting digital engagement agency based in Portsmouth, NH called Piehead. It was a link to an article over at Mashable about how sales has been slow to adopt social media techniques that other areas, such as marketing have made a required part of their operations. The article, “Why Sales is Still Missing from Social CRM” was a reminder to me that one can never stop prospecting for the future.

I had a great job for 14 years as a project manager at a Southern California design agency. We did groundbreaking work for a major power sports client. There were wetsuits hanging from the balcony in the courtyard, monthly BBQs on the patio,  and it seemed that it would last forever. Nothing does. And for those 14 years, the company stopped prospecting as well. Too busy. You can probably guess how that worked out.

So for the better part of a year, while I looked for a job, I began to sell again. The product was me. I engaged on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I began to use social media as a sales tool. And what I found, was that it was what I would have dreamed of having as a tool back when I was selling print. To be able to connect with my clients as well as prospects by engaging them daily, to share their work with others, to find out what they were interested in, both within and outside of the office would be incredible. So I was stunned to read in this article that sales forces were not utilizing social media in their daily work.

I am not going to reiterate all that was said in the article (that’s what the link is for), but what I learned from it was that it was time for me to re-start my sales engine. I know how to use the tools, in fact I use them everyday. But I swore over a year ago, to never stop prospecting or looking for new opportunities. You never know what the next digital engagement will bring.


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