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One Week of Tweeting and I’m Number 1, 2 and 3

Picture+2Okay a week ago I began my quest to get me, Bill Thompson, the real me to reveal myself above the fold as they say on a Google Search. I had no illusions that this would be a simple task, but to my surprise, it only took a week. And to be honest, all I did was utilize my 3 current social media sites to accomplish this. Communicating between Twitter, Facebook and this blog, it only took 7 days to put me on top. (Local business results not factored)For those of you who missed the original post, you can find it here

The power of social media in powering the visibility of your brand, in my case, that being me, is undeniable. If you or your company are beginning to explore the power of these networks, you can use me as an example. Go ahead, tell your boss.

And while you’re at it, have them take a look at this blog, or my LinkedIn profile.

More to come, as this re-branding project is just getting in gear!


Can an Old Dog Learn to Tweet?

Have spent the good portion of the last few days–no actually almost every waking moment–educating myself in the realm of social media marketing. For me that has meant twitter, facebook, Linkedin and this blog. I continue to build my network through Linkedin and have had an epiphany concerning twitter.

I find the implications of this social media network to be mind numbing. The great news is that there is so much knowledge out there for a 51 year-old neophyte such as myself. In just one week I have been schooled by some of the best minds out there. From Tim O’Reilly, Pete Cashmore at Mashable and the persistent locals here in Long Beach, Nostrum Inc.

Friends are joining in and sharing links and so the momentum builds. Coming from the print world, I find the immediacy of this medium thrilling, if not a bit overwhelming. Pace yourself I say. I attended an APALA meeting this week on the subject of social media marketing and was convinced by being in a room full of print professionals that I was on the right track. It will be fascinating to see how the world of offset lithographers react to this media taking a chunk out of ink on paper.

And this morning I attended a webcast by O’Reilly and was introduced to many more features, tips and philosophy that jumpstarted another series of ideas for my re-branding project. Suffice it to say, the days of spending 6 hours looking at job boards everyday are over. I’ll continue to utilize traditional methods, but if I am really going to find a position that challeges me to continue to grow in a field that will definitely continue to grow, I’ll keep on tweeting and learning. After all, if as they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I’m only a little over 7 years old in dog years!

How I Appear Above the Fold

So this is what I look like to anyone who might be interested in me. A simple Google search or 2 and you get a picture of your presence on the internet. Not very appropriate.
Laser dentistry in Seattle? Nope. Part of a DNA Project? I certainly hope not. Or possibly the author of a treatise on “real-time fluid stimulus using discrete sine/cosine….

Not me. So where am I? Who am I? How will someone find the real me? Finally after my 3rd search, there is a reference that is good. Member of Board of Directors of BKBIA. But this does not define me.

Sure you could find me on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. Not to mention on this blog. But still you would be scratching your head and asking, “So, who is this guy?” As I begin my 5th week as an unemployed “print-production manager” (not really who I am, just what I’ve been doing, by the way), I’ve decided that it’s time to re-brand.

Re-brand me. Should be a fun project. And I love projects. Finally a project dedicated to the one product that matters most right now. Me. I may not be that interesting above the fold yet, but it is my intention to change that. Feedback? I would love it. After all as the rules change, we know that the most important thing we need to do as marketers is to listen.

I’m all ears.

Okay, Okay I’ll Familiarize Myself With the Semantic Web

So, yep here I am. Starting out week number four without a paying job. Not to say I am jobless. No far from it. I am busy looking for work. But not just prowling job sites, no. I am trolling the internet. I am learning. And I love it. I realize that at 51, I am not supposed to be “reinventing” myself. But I am. 20+ years in print, but now they say print is dead. Well they’ve said that about painting and jazz, but I haven’t given up on them either.

Print is not dead, it’s just a little under the weather. Probably won’t ever be as healthy as it once was. I mean, you can’t expect people to continue to buy into an old model when the new one looks so promising. Hello Chrysler? GM?

So I am tweeting and blogging and facebooking(?) It’s engaging. It’s distracting. And it’s enlightening.

I have always steered my teenagers away from Wikipedia. “Don’t trust it. It’s written by all sorts of unreliable people.” But today in my travels through the “tubes” of the internet, I read an article about Web 2.0 and Web 3.0… and then “The Semantic Web”. WTF? Quickly to Wikipedia, because I figured if I knew absolutely nothing about a subject, then maybe, just maybe, it could be trusted.

I can’t be the only one out there who couldn’t/still can’t define it. So check it out.
Semantic Web

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